How to use

Here’s your body’s natural response when you lay down on the Zen Mat:

To get maximum results, use the mat each day for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Remember to breathe and practice consciously relaxing your body.

  • Choose the surface to put it on. Beginners often use the mat spread out on a bed or sofa. Intermediate and experienced users may move their mats onto the floor.
  • Try sitting on it. You can also sit on or against the mat in a chair, so that your butt and lower back have direct contact.
  • Start out with a layer between yourself and the mat. Wearing a light shirt or placing a thin fabric over the spikes may help you acclimate to the feeling of the mat. Users report that they get the best results when the mat is in contact with their bare skin, but don’t feel the need to go shirt-off right away.
  • Lie down slowly. Lie down with your weight evenly distributed on the mat. This will help you avoid injury from the points.
  • Reposition yourself carefully. Don’t fidget or move around on the mat, as you may more readily pierce or scratch your skin that way.
  • Use consistently. Mats take getting used to, but really seem to work for many people. If this product appeals to you, stick with it and give it time to work.

    By this time, the pain-relieving benefits of acupressure should begin to be felt. Many users experience decreased pain, boosted metabolism and relief from inflammation.

    The pressure exerted by the tips on the body stimulates the release of endorphins and oxytocin. Stress levels decrease, sleep is facilitated, physical and mental tension melts away and there is a marked improvement in blood and lymph circulation. 

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    Acupressure Zen Mat benefits

    Acupressure Zen Mat customers have reported finding relief for the following conditions:

    • headache, which is thought to be alleviated by standing on the mat with both feet evenly placed

    • neck pain

    • backache

    • sciatica pain in the back and leg

    • tight or stiff back muscles

    • stress and tension

    • fibromyalgia pain

    • insomnia

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    The Zen Mat is a soft mat fitted with special tips that, through the countless therapeutic properties of acupressure and reflexology, can help relieve stress and fatigue, reduce muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back, boost blood and lymph circulation and facilitate sleep.

    Many of our customers, however, lie on their Zen acupressure mat simply to enjoy moments of deep relaxation, relieve physical and mental tension and devote a little time just to themselves...

    According to the principles of acupressure, when the 6000+ small tips (made exclusively with non-toxic and non-allergenic materials) press into your skin, they make the nervous system send a series of impulses to the brain via the spinal cord, triggering the release of endorphins and oxytocin.

    Endorphins are commonly known as the "hormones of wellbeing" as they are capable of blocking the transmission of pain signals, thereby generating a sensation of wellbeing and reducing muscle and joint pain. Oxytocin is instead known as the "hormone of love and serenity" since it brings about a feeling of general calmness along with a mild drowsiness (which can be of great help against stress, fatigue and sleep disorders).

    Acupressure also boosts blood and lymph circulation, resulting in an increased inflow of blood to muscles and organs (beneficial against poor blood circulation, cellulite, etc.).

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